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Jessica Muiseke-Wilkison Sander’s platform is extremely similar to FDR. Calling him too radical is simply inaccurate. I’m in Arizona, and I absolutely will be voting for Tio Bernie. Biden doesn’t seem trustworthy, has performed poorly in most of the debates compared to Bernie, and has followed political trends most of My Governor Is An Idiot Michigan shirt his life rather than standing up against what is popular. Tio Bernie all the way. Phil Deacy The BBC can’t wait to push this agenda, their reporting was hopeful for Bloomberg’s campaign, forever doubtful of Sanders’ and now celebratory for Biden’s successes. Another great night for corruption after Super Tuesday. Away Saracoff At times it baffles my mind how would people vote against their interests and personal good for politicians who tell them you don’t deserve a better life like me and my family just remain in your poverty and misery.

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Thomas Saunders Sad part is Biden supporters fully understand Biden has no solid plans. They just want to “win” even if that means bringing no change. John Collins, I’m not happy that my friends who support Bernie will be disappointed. I’m more interested in voting for the Democrat to replace Trump. Sultan Buttar Joe Biden has already won the election 🙂 He proved himself a strong contender Bradley Maness Can anyone name ONE Joe Biden policy? Something integral to the campaign platform that he promises to My Governor Is An Idiot Michigan shirt implement if he gets elected? Julie Terrill Well the young voters didn’t come out to support Bernie, which means they definitely won’t be there for Biden..that equals another 4 years of this dark cloud we have over us now.Shawn Glenn Duh. He’s a former VP. It guarantees him the nomination.


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