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Time for the My Indian name is Cougar Bait shirt gammons to get offended by people being offended, whilst insisting they’re not offended even though they’re offended. Most natives prefer the term Indian so it’s brittle white progressives fighting for the “little brown brother”. It’s a religion that assumes oppression and crusades against it regardless of who it harms. Yes, I know if I chose a name for a team I’d be sure to choose one that implies negativity, racism as opposed to one that honors and positivity. A reasonable and respectable, albeit overdue, decision by the team’s owners. Kudos to them for acknowledging the need for change and doing something about it. I love how people calling other people “snowflakes”, are all bent out of shape because the name of a sports team is changing…maybe they should look in the mirror when calling someone else that. Stop giving Trump air time – he thrives on it & most people are just sick to death of him, his lies, fraud, corruption, offensive tweets & attempts to usurp democracy. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

My Indian name is Cougar Bait shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

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My Indian name is Cougar Bait ladies-tee
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My Indian name is Cougar Bait v-neck t-shirt
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The My Indian name is Cougar Bait shirt article is not accurate, many native Americans do not have a problem with the name, as a matter of fact, most do not, but a few radicals make money by harassing teams, and said teams do not have the fortitude to stand up to them, period. We have a corrupt government at local, state, and federal levels…so corrupt in fact that it’s accepted and only acted upon when it becomes too blatant; failing infrastructure, and an environment that is being polluted daily.

Oakland Athletics will also be changing their name because it could be offensive to the Obese, Quadriplegics, and Geeks. Can you see the insanity in their line of thinking? Just curious, has anyone from India. Just look to the Oneida Nation in Central NY. They have been one of the loudest voices. Money brought to them from gambling has put political pressure on this issue.


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