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June Button Queen Heartbreaking! My dad died when I was 3 so find this hard to My nickname is Papa Papa shirt hear, but children are stronger than we realize – they just accept the situation. To be honest, I don’t think that little boy will properly grieve until he’s older…. but that little boy is going to keep his dad going through his darkest of days, I’m sure of that! XxxSo very wise for someone so young, letting his grieving father know not to leave him too…I am so glad his father really listened, grief can consume you.
No doubt Racheal is proudly looking down at both of you.

Justin Mark Dee I no how he feels believe me we had the same with my mum .brave brave man and is little lad this story as broke me big-time.xxxxJeanelle Felix-Archer Stage 4 cancer isnt easy.. I had to take my 44-year-old mum to the hospital 8 weeks before she died. The pain was so much for her the meds just didn’t work anymore. But the hospital ran her down even faster. I miss my mum. A three-year-old kid is way more clued in than you think, and he grows up fast in that situation. In a few years, you will find out he knew roughly what was going on, even if he didn’t understand it at the time.

My nickname is Papa Papa shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

My nickname is Papa  Papa shirt
My nickname is Papa  Papa shirt
My nickname is Papa  Papa shirt
tank top
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Jeanne Coral My late Mum had to My nickname is Papa Papa shirt look after my Dad at home too. Very hard on the carer. So hard mentally and emotionally and physically. You are doing amazing, your son will help you get through it. You are so brave Joann McGoldrick May the love of your family and friends walk beside you and your little boy through all of the hard times. Moved beyond words. Take care.  This 3-year-old will be a pillar to his daddy for kids are a big blessing.(



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