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Well, technically the My VP looks like me Biden Harris shirt election hasn’t been made official and will not be official until January. Unless the election process has changed. Amazingly, the Democrats worked tirelessly to show us Russian interference for 4 years. But now, NOW, everyone should just accept what they say, lol. Ok, Boomer! Why would he concede, when he’s within 15k in Arizona, touching distance in Michigan, Nevada is heading to a recount, north Carolina is supposedly trump, Georgia is heading to a recount and umpteen legal cases are going on across the states. The election was a week ago. Put up or shut up with this voter fraud bs. Pounding the table and yelling isn’t evidence. Trump is now petrified of losing his post ‘ officially’. He knows once that happens he is likely to be arrested as he is no longer protected.

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He has quite a several outstanding legal cases against him let us not forget. He needs to My VP looks like me Biden Harris shirt go ..and if there are no other options be removed from his position so that this relatively still young country and people can heal wounds, rifts and resentments caused over the last 4 years and learn to move on again. More than half of our country has been living in a nightmare for four years (the other half are crazy). Dangerous, embarrassing, insane. It’s time to end. The facts are conceding no certification legal proceedings are underway so for everyone to get cozy in the Democratic Party seems premature and I’m not at all going to be shocked if there’s more drama to come in this getting overturned.

It is just starting to compare Biden’s press conferences which are coherent and presidential compared to the irrational rants from Trump. Trump insults Biden constantly calling him ‘sleepy Joe’ what a disgrace to the office Trump is with his insults and lies. I don’t hear sleepy when I listen to Biden, I hear coherent, considered responses what a refreshing change to the ranting toddler tantrums we hear from Trump daily. Serious question, why has Trump not been removed under the constitution as not fit for office?


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