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US Military commanders took an oath to My VP looks like me essential shirt defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Biden has won this election. If Trump will not concede then he needs to be removed from office by force. Trump has brought peace to the Middle East, he did make America great again with a low unemployment rate and great GDP growth. The UK is a low-class country, the only asset left is perhaps the Queen.No it’s an embarrassment that he and complicit media are declaring him a winner. The media doesn’t declare the winner. This race is over when the electorate casts their vote and all lawsuits are settled. The Dems caused 4 years of trouble to the president and the citizens of the USA, cheated the election, and expect Trump to roll over and give up lol sorry won’t happen, he will win in the end.  No matter which candidate you support, you should want FAIR elections.

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People don’t understand ” Donald Trump is special ” he s like a child, the mental institution needs to My VP looks like me essential shirt remove him from the white house and help him to get better ..Don’t blame that poor child Joe. It’s quite a poor form that he’s rushing to implement changes when he has how many weeks to go before he actually takes office?! Still, morality and decency are difficult concepts for him to deal with – just ask his kiddy friends!

Biden should be arrested and prosecuted for middling in electoral fraud, If Americans welcomed such an electoral fraud, Americans should expect disaster if Joe Biden is declared the winner because this man is evil. He just said a smaller number voted for TRUMP. Did you see the red map? Also, he is gloating. And said he wouldn’t gloat if he won the election? I just don’t know about this guy. His speeches so far are not convincing. Affordable care act. It’s not affordable! Plus are they still going to find you on your taxes if you don’t have it? Trying to keep positive.


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