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We have put our tree up to Naughty nice crazy nurse christmas shirt cheer the kids up, a bit of joy in these horrible days, them seeing what adults do wen put into panic is disgusting, we teach our children to share and be kind, and we have some bad times a most not all but most go an panic buy leaving shelves empty for our elder generation, well shame on u! Share be kind be joyful! Halloween! Please! We can all dress up and have funny masks on. And let all the nurses and doctors etc…. have all the important protective ones! And we have the Halloween ones yey! Love that some are doing Easter trees and just decorating with little pictures and ducks bunnies and Easter eggs don’t need lights. Great idea, but won’t that cost more money to run those lights. With a recession that is all but certain and a possible depression in the future.

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I would save my money!!! We left ours up in the Naughty nice crazy nurse christmas shirt back garden because it is so dark here in Scotland in the winter and now it helps to keep us happy in isolation! stay at home and practice physical distancing. here in PH, we’re on quarantine/lockdown for a month. many businesses have been closed. only hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets are open. let’s learn from Italy. Maybe most of them never had the chance in December because of work so why not now with the time on hand while trying to be safe.

Here in Spain, we are doing that at 8 pm each night while applauding and cheering the emergency services. The way people are carrying on at the moment and not following the guidelines we will be heading for Christmas at this rate with all this going on! Do something dear all British my friend on this earth, to wipe out the desire to be overpowered, over dominated, and blistering so we can celebrate Christmas every year without any tears and it possible? bring back those magnificent days of the 90s and 80s where the whole world was happy with no tears.


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