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What is really sad is that she is Nerdy dirty inked vintage shirt only an associate professor at Waterloo. despite the fact that she has done research that is Nobel Prize-worthy, Waterloo has never promoted her to full professor. As a female physicist who has experienced first hand the strongly ingrained culture of gender discrimination in the field, I am absolutely disgusted and appalled. incorporate science methods and language into everyday life. And magazines/sites could have more issues where girls set out to test ideas or products in scientific ways. Ross Harper Science is nerdy, so she’s fighting a losing battle. What she needs to focus on is making sure everyone knows there’s nothing wrong with nerdy. Science is fascinating. It’s a shame we can’t appreciate it when we’re younger. Now that’s what I call feminism. And that’s what I call a great role model. More of that and less of those Kardashians. Nothing wrong with nerdy. Make nerdy great again. Of course, science is nerdy, but then, nerdy’s been in vogue for the past 40odd years, and counting! by

Nerdy dirty inked vintage shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Nerdy dirty inked  vintage shirt
Nerdy dirty inked  vintage shirt
Nerdy dirty inked  vintage shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Robert Neve, I’m sure she’s glad the Nerdy dirty inked vintage shirt media can’t see past her gender so she doesn’t have to talk about her great scientific advances. Cory Smith, I think science should be nerdy. Too many regular folks out there professing knowledge that they don’t have, or cannot back up with facts they understand. Are we still in Middle School? She is awesome and making a difference in the world. Glen Stephan Don’t fight the “nerdiness”, girl, run with it! It takes a special kind of nerd to fully own the “nerdiness” of quality science and make it cool. Not everyone can pull off a Dick Feynman, and if they try, the best they can do is a pretty lame Bill Nye.


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