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It’s all a conspiracy.. something is going on that governments and Never broke again 38 baby shirt scientists are not telling us. It’s something to do with the whole world… Well, this is what my head thinking… There are billions of us in the world and media, scientists and governments are constantly freaking everyone out daily… It’s making me feel unwell. I have elderly parents, a teenage son, and a 10-year-old son.  The first time around most people did. I’m afraid the British public has now had enough of these lockdowns which are clearly not working and causing hardship for the lives of our young people for years to come. The saddest thing is all the arguing and bickering, downright nastiness, and the hate happening on social media. We should be on the same page helping each other to fight this virus instead of trolling and name-calling.

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I am sure none of us feel too optimistic about the Never broke again 38 baby shirt future of this country and none of us are too happy with how things have and are being handled by the government and local authorities but breaking the rules is going to prolong the situation not help to stop it. Maybe if the British public obeyed the rules to keep transmission rates down then we could be more optimistic! Some selfish idiots are hell-bent on breaking them .

The fall out from this virus is a thousand times worse than the virus itself, life-saving surgery postponed, cancer treatment and early diagnosis delayed, etc, etc and then there are the thousands of businesses which will be forced to close, thousands of lost jobs, Bars, Restaurants, Cafe’s, Theatres, Cinema’s, Zoo’s, Tourist industries the list is endless, all for a virus we are told will give the vast majority mild symptoms, protect the vulnerable yes but surly those not at severe risk should be able now to get back to a normal life.


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