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I’m British and New york or nowhere shirt are very glad that Britain has strict gun laws but I have a lot more respect for the NRA is supported sensible gun use and did more education on guns. The Second Amendment will be fine without the NRA. It’s become a self-aggrandizing organization only interested in enriching itself. It’s not like their members were going to stop their govt from tyranny anyways. Showed their true colors these last couple of months. Americans have the right to donate their money to be used fraudulently under the guise of 2nd amendment protection which they already have!!!OK, I can understand why she’s doing this for the same time is this really the right time to be doing this?

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We’re already a country on edge and New york or nowhere shirt now you’re going to try to sue Some of the biggest overcompensating I need a gun to make myself feel big people? I mean they’re going to start making compounds lining themselves up together ready to start a war. As a millennial who is also a gun owner. I HATE THE NRA. Guns are fun and cool but they just make it a cult and scare people away. Some of the people at ranges make me uncomfortable with how they are. Love when idiots open this kind of can of worms.

This will go to the Supreme Court if it is not squashed sooner. If it gets there and wins, the countersuits to get rid of liberal lobbying groups will be swift and unending. The NRA has been funneling money from Russia to members of Congress for years including having Russian operatives on NRA payroll. NRA needs to lose its “not for profit” status and its executives charged with treason and bribery. And yes, I’m in favor of reasonable gun control laws; I’m also a veteran and own several guns.


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