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The next James Bond should be a person of color. And I think I am the Nice Daniel Craig James Bond 007 shirt most qualified. I think he is listening. Women-led action movies with original, well-written female characters have done well at the box office, and it shows that there’s an appetite for female action heroes, not just “half-assed female remake of popular character”.How about someone just creates a new female spy or gender neutral or whatever. Rather than trying to change an old character! Come up with something new . There does not need to be a James Bond female character. Not everything needs to be a woman empowered. This weird feminist moment in movies is getting boring. James Bond is a fictional character, therefore could be any type of person. That’s how fiction works.

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Thank you! I’m all for equal opportunities but if it’s such an issue for women in the Nice Daniel Craig James Bond 007 shirt industry, create a Jane Bond series and star in it. And why shouldn’t he be male? I’m glad 007 isn’t identifying himself otherwise, not all fashionable fads should be reflected in the movie. Please don’t make him go vegan either even though James Bond is written as a white male in a certain time period, I do however think with bringing the character and stories to today’s audience, Idris Elba would make a fantastic Bond character!

He has the look, the poise, the voice, enigma, and enough talent. Women in action movies are great, just give them their own well-written, original characters with unique story arcs that aren’t simply are-tired of something that’s already been done numerous times. Doing a ‘gender swap’ for its own sake is stupid, incredibly lazy storytelling, and I think an insult to both men and women alike. I can’t imagine that people are any more anxious to see a ‘Jane Bond’ as they are to see a ‘Larry Croft’ or ‘Wonder Man’.


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