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In brief, she told us she’d met a Nikki Lane have you seen her shirt a couple of Russian guys at a club that night who offered to give her a good time at their house. Just as she stepped into their residence, she knew she was in trouble. There was no furniture. Just a video camera. My oldest two girls (aged 9 and 11) had heard the commotion and come upstairs from their basement bedrooms and looked aghast before my wife ushered them back to bed again. I hope she’s doing well now. It was about 10 years ago. Here’s to hoping. She seemed to love lording over others (like a movie villain saying things like, “You’ll never work at a law firm in this city again!” when confronted with perceived slights against her).

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The office had Nikki Lane have you seen her shirt been trying to get rid of her for a while and she knew it. What she would do is every couple of months or so would come up with some drama to complain about. One time she complained that a fellow paralegal was a danger because she almost ‘tripped and fell’ into it. Once again…That’s like walking into a kitchen when your parents are making dinner and complaining that the stove is hot because its in use. It’s a sort of long story but to simplify it: the receptionist bumped into her when rushing to get the phone. She didn’t knock her over or even bump that hard but she went off. Until the Chinese Communist Dictatorship falls there will be NO democracy it will only get worse! this is a fair game deserve to live with the devil to create hell which they call paradise.


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