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Kieran L Merrall Don’t worry, it’s only a fed ex driver working out how a nonsliding door works. Susan Antoinette Yahoo news makes it sound racial yet it’s not – it’s random. Bengt Kihlström It’s highly likely a gun nut trying to prove that bombs are worse than guns. So far he is No days FedEx ff peak 2020 shirt failing miserably.  This just shows what great lengths liberals will go to when they can’t take away our rights! Wesley Chambers Well time to arm all American citizens with bombs because only a good guy with a bomb can stop a bad guy with a bomb right?? Tim Backstrom FBI is there. Should start hearing ‘leaks’ about how this ties to the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. Ganesh K. Nathan While Trump continues to badmouth the hardworking federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI, they continue to work day & night while Trump spends his time tweeting abuse & golfing!

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Best No days FedEx ff peak 2020 shirt

Julian Ennals Not satisfied with shooting each other Americans take to blowing each other up. Well done you mad crazy country!!Imran Ullah Khattak How the hell did that get inside the facility? I wonder what information they can get off the label unless they think an employee helped get it inside without one (granted, anything on a No days fedex ff peak 2020 shirt  label would probably be fake). Bizarre case. Deonte L Hollomon When its black people being targeted its slow bs response and we don’t really care attitude this nation needs a soul search, Shauny Bennett Well your guns won’t stop bad guys with bombs. Maybe give everybody bombs to stop the bad guys with bombs.


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