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U.K. workers want too much money so the No gifts for you Christmas ugly shirt industry would rather have a cheaper workforce, and yes perhaps able-bodied people on benefits should have to do something as part of their benefits package. But we don’t have to eat turkey at Christmas there are other options. News teams scaremongering as usual. There are plenty of homeless on the south coast who would be pleased to have the chance of shelter at night, food, and earn a bit. It would also help their mental health and give them a purpose in life. Even if it’s only a couple of months in the winter. Well if the recent history of severe covid outbreaks in processing plants is to go by, I won’t be eating chicken or turkey for the foreseeable future. My health and that of my family comes first.

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Utter rubbish, No gifts for you Christmas ugly shirt we’ve had airline pilots delivering home shopping runs, cutting asparagus, how many people have been made redundant in the UK in recent weeks? We have a wealth of people more than able to keep the industry going, stop the scaremongering. After January there will be plenty of people in the UK eligible for all jobs and there’s plenty of other meats people can have after all it’s not going to be a traditional Xmas for many anyway so why not try something different and be thankful that your alive and well.

It’s OK all the Brits who didn’t pay attention in school and as a result, are not employed will be delighted to take the work dem foreigners had previously come over here and taken from them. Far more likely much Christmas food will go to waste as those of us who will now spend it alone won’t buy it whilst those who would have bought lots for a large gathering will be looking to buy the smaller turkeys etc.


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