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Thousands of Armenians never joined rallies for fighting in Karabakh. Of course, screaming in the No justice no peace shirt middle of Yerevan, Los Angeles or Marseille needs no heroism. they are mad someone took back what was theirs? No one would have died if they left as they should have decades ago! Congrats to Azerbaijan for kicking the occupiers out! .Armenia finally accepted the fact that those lands belong to Azerbaijan and signed a capitulation. Those people were calling the world for peace and claiming that all they want is peace. I really don’t understand what they want now. Not only peace but also justice has prevailed. They can still live in those lands with us concerning our territorial integrity. But they still want war. During the escalation, the World community blamed Azerbaijan for counter-attack operations against Occupants and there was a false opinion that Armenians wanted peace. Now we have a feeling of peace. But they demand a war. We launched a war for the liberation of our territories, they demand a war to continue their occupation. See the difference between intentions. We concluded the peace agreement to save the lives of both people.

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We had enough power and No justice no peace shirt resources to continue military operations till the end. However, Azerbaijan showed humanity!!! We all know the truth and yet look away just as all of the people who have been taught to hate Armenians will never know anything but that story. The truth remains. These people are just have been paid money to ProTeSt, the ex-government of Armenia(which was kicked out during the revolution) just pays them to go and bark.

I suggest them instead of protesting and destroying their own properties, they should go to the battlefield in Nagorno-Karabakh and show their discontent. Armenia always said that they want peace in words, but in actions it is obvious, they are not peacemakers. And Karabakh is internationally (based on law) and de facto Azerbaijan Territory.


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