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His megalomaniac has disgraced our democracy. Are we really surprised by this? He showed the No one fights alone shirt world who he was during his campaign and those who voted for him and supported him chose to ignore it. They are to blame. You know it’s bad when China criticizes the US. America has been so busy exporting democracy to Hong Kong and the Middle East that they forgot to keep some for themselves. The fact that so many still support him and defend this in itself diminishes the country in the eyes of the world. It is a lot harder to rebuild than to destroy. Some discernment training in the curriculum might be a start. History will undoubtedly show that this has been the worst president we have ever had. Let’s just hope they prosecute every person who they have video and pictures of attacking our country and our capital. Then let’s hope they also prosecute the guy who incited all this too. Lock them all up!

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They may have shown the No one fights alone shirt deep divide in this country, but ultimately their efforts were useless, indeed they actually backfired, as the house and senate went on to finish their jobs last night and democracy prevailed. Iran and China should deploy troops to the US to help save the American people before it gets any worse for them. I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson from all this; people with mental health issues should never be in or near any position of power over others, ever!
I heard incredible news. In Washington, President Trump’s supporters reportedly attacked Capitol Hall. This is an act of treason that cannot be done in a democratic country. Yes, American Democracy is teetering on a knife-edge. I really hope the next 4 years will bring some much-needed sanity and stability. At least the 2 elections have shown what people-power can accomplish.


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