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There is a resident cat in my local Tesco and a sparrow in the Not today multiple sclerosis cat shirt local Asda in Dunfermline. We have Ollie in our Sainsbury’s in Brockley. He likes to sit on top of the fridges and look at what you are buying in a rather condescending way that only cats can. We have a cat at my local one-stop that sits on the shelf with the loaves of bread . I like how they officially say they ‘encourage’ him to go back outside if he gets in the shop, I bet they get lots of extra shoppers because of him. My cat Pip hangs around the local co-op. When we went on holiday and had someone look after him he sat on the tills with the hope we would walk in. For goodness sake, every grocery shop in years gone by had a cat or vermin would have taken over. Rather a cat hair here and there than rat droppings any day!

Not today multiple sclerosis cat shirt, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

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Not today multiple sclerosis cat ladies-tee
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Not today multiple sclerosis cat v-neck t-shirt
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Best Not today multiple sclerosis cat shirt

In Northern California at a Lucky’s Grocery store, a dog came in before Easter and Not today multiple sclerosis cat shirt left with a giant stuffed bunny. The store mgr went after him, I don’t remember if he got the bunny back. There was a ginger cat for years Asda Edinburgh he used to sit just as you went in but someone complained didn’t see it after that, also a ginger cat that went to school with the kids that’s going back a few years ago now where I live everyone loves him.

Squatters’ rights based on the law of if it fits it sits. He’s been there for a year. I think this case is clearly in favor of pumpkin. Probably knows where the stock goes and how to work the tills better than half the staff. We have a ginger cat at our Sainsbury’s I Preston who sits just inside the doorway. He’s lovely. I can guarantee that pumpkin Is more hygienic than a lot of customers that go through their doors !!!


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