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We’re fighting a virus as much as we’re fighting ignorance and Now that’s one ugly sweater 2020 shirt entitlement. We may win one battle, but it’s unlikely we’ll win the others. Sorry Biden you and your party have divided us! Here you go blaming others. Get a clue about what you are stating, not to celebrate a holiday!??? However, you allow rioters and looters to gather masses. Look at yourself first Biden! Too late to be conciliatory, never going to go down well with, or accepted by those who have endured relentless hatred and have curses and insults directed towards them over the past 4 years, Full disclosure, I’m still mostly at war with stupid deplorables who support the small-minded (and small other appendages) so-called ‘leader’ of the US, whose selfishness and lack of leadership got us into this mess and allowed this virus to roar through our country. Biden going to be the start of many wars did you know trump is the first president not to have a war in his first term. That’s why they wanted him out. The fraudulent-select thinks he’s president. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. His family needs to do the right thing and have him committed before he hurts himself.

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He might believe that but, after over 4 years of the Now that’s one ugly sweater 2020 shirt Democrats daily pouring out of clear-quill, 198-proof, Progressive hatred of normal Americans, I don’t care if he does believe it. He’s just a meat-puppet for tyranny and oligarchal collectivism at this point. Sure. Say that after the election. It wouldn’t have been politically expedient for him to make those remarks while running against Trump. Typical jack weasel politician.

I like the way democrats claim the country is united when they are in power, but divided when republicans are in power. What a concept, a thoughtful president who focuses on problem-solving instead of blaming others, whining, & bragging about himself. I really like what I am seeing in the early stages from Joe Biden. Exactly what I voted for. There will undoubtedly be challenges, but I feel a much-welcomed sense of optimism for the first time in 4 years.


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