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I’ve been a nurse for almost twenty years and I’m afraid only the strong survive. So this is where we are now. F. Leaving the EU which is a significant contributor to staffing levels is compounding the problem. Solution invests now in training, invest in the retention of existing staff and it would help if newspapers like the Mail and express wrote about the good that is rather than hound what morale is Nurse by day witch by night shirt left. Nurses are nurses because it is a vocation. They want to care for people. The stress comes when you cannot give basic care to all the sick people under your charge. This is so true in the US as well.  Add to that the lateral violence/ bullying problem in nursing and it’s a wonder anybody goes into/stays in nursing anymore.

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There are not enough nurses on shift to deliver care to the number of patients you are allocated. They have complex needs and complex treatment regimes. It’s as simple as that. We are good kind caring people, not in it for the money or career pathway. We are leaving because we don’t feel that we are doing a good job. It’s not rocket science. Allow us to do our job safely. We are accountable for the lives of  Nurse by day witch by night shirt our patients. We cannot do our job because the skill mix and staffing rotas fail patients and fail us. Too much bureaucracy, too many layers of management, too much diluting services, too much dumbing down and expanding roles of untrained staff. It’s a real shame.


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