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Sylvia Nicholson Well I am total with you on this one .I.dont think names should have been mentioned, Every one of our frontline workers goes every day selflessly putting there lives at risk to Nurse Superman shirt take care of Covid 19 patients, and I bless and praise them all from the bottom of my heart, and every life they save is precious, Anthony Dempsey Very lovely woman. And I admire all the work she does.bwhen asked if she thought Boris got the special treatment she told a lie. Her demeanor changed. She looked to the side and blinked more to avoid telling the truth. Fantastic sense of humor and a wonderful example of the amazing nurses in our NHS.

Nurse Superman shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

tank top
v-neck t-shirt

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Patricia Lyons Respects them and pays the nhs staff and care workers the Nurse Superman shirt income that is befitting their roles. That would be sincere appreciation and gratitude.  Ashfaque Ronnie Thanks for saving the life of an evil man who constantly undermines our NHS and sends our nurses to the food bank. They are cruel and mindless. Jahangir Hossain Shek Coronavirus explained to the world that Allah is unique and has no partner. He can cause danger to people if He wants. He can save people from danger if He wants. Amen. May Allah Almighty protect us from this danger.It gives them a bit longer free from it until a vaccine is available. But yes once the travel starts up again that’s going to be what will cause another outbreak. Everything any of us can do is to mitigate whilst vaccines are tested and then hopefully available next year.


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