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Lychee Ang Surprise? No need to Obamagate Barack Obama shirt be in the news,, they don’t need to responsible for their ‘lie’ ..when is the last time you hear donkey trump and his pathetic administration telling the truth? Christa Loftin, He can deny it ’til the day until the day he dies. It doesn’t make it true. We’re not blind anymore. We see the lies coming from this administration and every red-blooded patriotic American will vote this clown circus out in November! the investigator general was investigating him, which going by his job title means he was doing his job, gets fired, of course there no payback. Gil Morales this happens a lot in government. Many get away with it. Michael Cape Pompeo is just part of the scum that covers Washington with Trump and the Republicans in office. None of them possess integrity or care for the country!

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Monty Montazeri The latest news, MSNBC, is that Pompeo was being investigated for Obamagate Barack Obama shirt promising arms to Saudis without congressional approval! Follow the money! Deborah Blackwell Oh FFS. A classic mob tactic. Patti Hasenclever The British always know more about American politics than Americans. Probably due to the guidance of the monarchy and having no problems if their own. Alissa Barker Barlow, He fired the man investigating Trump’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia without congressional approval. Mikhail Serebrennikov He has no authority over OIG, it is an independent Agency and has nothing to do with the State Department. Couldn’t legally fire that investigator.


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