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People complaining but if you stuck to the Official Boris Johnson Melaninaire shirt rules, to begin with, it wouldn’t be like this. People blaming Boris Johnson but he doesn’t control your actions, you control your own actions and have decided to ignore and carry on as if nothing is happening. Well if of course, he is, Nicola Sturgeon has spoken, he will follow suit. He can’t be made to look dafter than he already does. The Government has lost it. Christmas madness coupled with decades of NHS underfunding has left this country in a mess, shameful! Why can’t he just announce it like a normal person like the Welsh and Scottish leaders. . Why does he have to have this ‘look at me’ announcement. Let’s just see what these restrictions will be. The UK government has been unwilling to take serious action since the original national lockdown ended last year. Whatever he announces, I bet it won’t be as severe as Scotland’s announced lockdown today. If only people would just stay home, go out only for necessity, and more importantly, wear a face mask we wouldn’t need all these lockdowns. Tier 4 is lockdown but he cannot bring himself to utter that word again as it will appear that his efforts have failed. But then again look at Germany & Italy, also in lockdown.

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We’re not the Official Boris Johnson Melaninaire shirt only ones suffering like this. Hopefully, in addition to upping the restrictions as Scotland has just done, he will decide on stopping international travel into and out of the UK. Lockdown the country properly and get everyone vaccinated, no excuses. Mobilize the country like we haven’t seen since WW2.

Where’s the leadership! Love the Jokers…Not!! I nearly lost my life to this feckin virus in Nov! It’s not funny, I just want to be rid of it. I don’t want the bleeding thing again, so let’s not take the piss!! Perhaps he could announce his resignation and let someone with half a clue have a go? He’d be happier off writing nonsense for the Telegraph again.


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