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Normally the Official Chumps For Trump Shirt incumbent trump would win easily but we are talking about a president who likes shooting from the hip opening his mouth befor engaging his brain and still sets a bad example to the American people by not wearing a mask so yes Biden !im know im not American and trump gets bad press but he’s a very clever man in business and joe Biden all I’ve heard is his slaying trump nothing encouraging that would make me vote for him think America could do with a younger president as well two old men shouting at each other isn’t good but I would vote trump if I was an American Twitter didn’t win popular vote last time and has gained no new cult members, he’s only lost the support of millions of seniors, suburban women, and any young voters he had.

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His dismal approval rating has never been higher than his disapproval rating… Official Chumps For Trump Shirt I’m in England I won’t be playing this daft game because all I know about your candidates is what I see on our news, mostly on the BBC but channel 4 is very informative too. I like Kamala Harris best, I think it’s a pity she can’t swap places with Joe Biden. But she would probably have been given a hard time by Trump in debates. She is a woman and she is not white. I watched Trump stalk Hilary Clinton around the platform in 2016, and I thought it was horrific.

Nothing I have seen and heard, here, since has made me like him at all. But the election is the decision of the American people and I hope whoever you choose, the people will live peaceful, healthy, and happy lives. The negative consequences of Trump being allowed another 4 years in the Whitehouse are too ghastly to think about. Every able voter has a duty to vote this criminal out of office. The stakes have never been higher


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