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And this is where the Official Imposter Among Us shirt US constitution and the right to free speech should be protected. Everyone is free to speak, even if what they say is unintelligent. Restriction of free speech should not be decided by a single individual…even if they own Facebook. The only reason this happened is that Trump is no longer spending big on ads. He isn’t profitable anymore so they now decide to enforce their community standards. I wish the platforms would change entirely, and be designed as a way to simply connect with friends and loved ones. I think there is merit to some regulation. The internet has allowed folks access to dangerous and false information, and social media has allowed those folks to easily connect and organize. Great! Such a person shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook or on any other media platform who manipulates others with lies and incite hatred and anger in people and divide them. President Trump, I know you will be glad when this is all over so you can find some peace. Most of us still support you and wish you well. You have been great and have done more for American than any other president. The next four years will be under communist and socialist rules. Be glad you are out of it. Thank you for a job well done and God bless you. He is the most detestable politician in my lifetime, I thought Margaret Thatcher was bad but she doesn’t come close. So the freedom of speech ends with Zuckerberg’s final decision.

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Wonderful!! We are improving by the Official Imposter Among Us shirt minute. Note: I don’t agree with violence in any way. I don’t know why we’re all shocked. He’s insane of course he’s gonna make as much noise as he’s allowed. If he could press a button for a war he’d probably do that too just for spite. As an African, I must state that what I witnessed from Capital hill is no different from what happens from this end. Therefore, I don’t expect a lecture from America to educate us about governance and leadership. That was very shameful for a country that has been boasting about democracy.

Americans need to fix this problem the sooner the better. I don’t think they can now brag to be the pillar they thought to have been. How are they going to be walking with their heads high?. Have they thought that While they are busy fighting yourselves China and other countries are advancing. Mark Zuckerberg went on to say, “I hope by showing even the tiniest of the spine, US regulators might keep from looking at how much power this company has and the extent of our data mining and human-societal engineering. End transmission.”


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