Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt



This is the Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt most beautiful thing. The technique is awe-inspiring, but the concentration is more so. No time or energy goes anywhere but training. Tyson is full of soft ferocity, soft toward the trainer, ferocious toward the next opponent.Both Ali and Tyson were great fighters and champions, respect to both different styles would have been a great match when both in their prime. Let’s just remember them at their best GladiatorsThing of beauty in the early days. Young focused fresh. Unbeatable then. When Cos died he didn’t give a chance. The Gates were open fir the vultures of life. He never had anyone in his corner to trust n guide him that he respected. Nice. The Greatest of the last 60yrs for sure. Maybe Joe Louis in his era.

Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, v-neck t-shirt, and tank top

Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt
Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt
Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt
tank top
Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt
v-neck t-shirt

One of the greats. Wish he would have had more positive guidance during his career. Probably would have been as revered as Ali is. Great boxer nonetheless. It is still a beauty to see how roomie did all the reps with Mike for years the same movement until it was as easy as a slow walk down the street. Many coaches have lost the reps and the dedication of Official Kith Mike Tyson Kiss shirt doing this every day. Watching this training session shows you the meticulous way in which Mike executed those vicious double and triple combos that no heavyweight can’t even come close to matching today! The man was nothing but pure terror in the ring.

The very first boxing match I ever saw was one of Mike Tyson’s big fights when I was about 10 years old. I was shocked to see the way he moved he seemed superhuman. Became a fan ever since. He is one of the best boxers in the history of the sport what a fighter Mike Tyson was the best of the best and the most exciting fighter that’s ever lived and it will be along time for someone to get even close to this guy look at the heavyweight division now AJ fury and wilder Mike would have beat these three on the same night.BBC


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