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Cuba has one of the Official they are Among Us shirt best health care system and good doctors. Amazing what this little country has been able to accomplish despite the embargo. Despite the country being isolated from the rest of the world, they are ready to give a helping hand. What humanity! Cuba has very good doctors, recently they were also sent to Central America, where they were very well received by their Central American brothers. where they received many messages of thanks for going help. These so-called doctors have been thrown out of Italy, Uruguay, and Paraguay as they have been unable to work as doctors. They are not trained medical practitioners and are very demanding and obtrusive.

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I watched a documentary a while back that followed U.S. citizens going to Official they are Among Us shirt Cuba for medical procedures, and their health system looked good . Because the ANC government has chased the highly qualified white doctors away and they refused white students to enter medical degrees at the universities because of their racist BEE laws that were implemented by the ANC government they are without qualified doctors. When we visited Cuba we learned that everyone there gets paid the same wage from Doctors to teachers to hotel waiters and cleaners. All of their school books, uniforms, etc are given to them free of charge.

That’s maybe why a lot of the well trained Cubans then go to work overseas when qualified? It was a very interesting country to visit. They are posted overseas by their Govt in exchange for finance which in turn pays for their own medical services. Drs have no choice it’s part of their national service. Sometimes losing the manpower detracts from their own services and manning shortages like the NHS but I guess it’s a good way of ensuring funding coming into the country. They have the best health promotion and illness prevention successes, the UK could learn a lot in that respect.


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