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Pete Young, This is clearly evidence that the OHD obsessive horse disorder shirt Facebook algorithms are floored as I got this flagged in my timeline. It’s very real and, from personal experience, is far from healthy. It makes you unhappy, constantly anxious, physically unwell, and mentally even worse. A healthy relationship with exercise is, of course, great for overall physical and mental wellbeing. But exercise addiction is far from healthy. It is completely and addiction and the only way to recover is to stop exercising for a period of time. Being at too-low of weight and over-exercising is far more dangerous than being overweight, can cause irreversible metabolic and hormonal damage, and can destroy relationships and lives.

Paul Smith People tell me I was like that in 2010. “You looked gaunt,” they say. I felt superhuman with a 43bpm resting heart rate. Never been healthier I’d say. Still, people sometimes push too hard, too long. Laura Lockrey I used to be addicted to exercise back when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s. I now have arthritis pretty bad. I had to find new ways to get exercise and now at 44, I am walking every morning with my dog. She keeps me motivated. I am not the slim person I once was, but that’s life and I am not unhappy with my appearance

OHD obsessive horse disorder shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

OHD obsessive horse disorder  shirt
OHD obsessive horse disorder  shirt
OHD obsessive horse disorder  shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Alfredo Echeverri Arroyo The chase of the endorphin high has led many to OHD obsessive horse disorder shirts suffer in their later years with bad knees, foot arch issues, even hip and back issues. I used to tell a colleague that triathlons were going to be the death of him. Pat Ches I have two sisters. The older sister was an exercise and diet junkie, always going on about the right foods, and each night (seriously) she would exercise, either step aerobics or running, anything to keep her weight down. She was slim and toned.  Next sister up had a sensible approach to exercise but still suffers medical joint issues, whilst I was the younger couch potato, and suffer from no such thing and barely visit my doctor for any other ailments. My secret? I don’t ‘exercise’ I just keep moving around and eat what I want when I want IN MODERATION. It is not rocket science.


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