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Carol Dameron The wait for a female president goes on because the candidates were not right… we would much rather have either of two old men. I can only say that we need a younger candidate with some kind of new idea as to why anyone would vote for an omg please make it stop 2020 shirt politician like Donald J Trump when we could have had… Clinton. Really? She is as morally bankrupt as Trump. Please!!! Our problem is that Washington is a “swamp” that doesn’t produce much confidence. Clinton Davidson We need a commission of the woke to decree the socially just candidate. Trusting voters would be undemocratic. Kevin Keogh, it is up to the people to decide who they want to run and it is immaterial whether it is a Man, Woman or a jammy dodger. Is democracy.

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People who let their own biases direct their votes are not taking a true part in America’s political process. John Oberto It was Warren’s vacillating on her platform this primary which brought to mind her supporting Hillary over Bernie last time. And accepting PAC money, she clearly did not hold steadfast on her stated ideals and rather gave in to omg please make it stop 2020 shirt political expediency. Most of the left know we need a steadfast fighter or we stand no chance for the change we need here. Daniel Grabowski Gabbard has condemned Assad’s actions, she just doesn’t want to go in guns blazing as a first resort. She has seen the cost of intervention on both sides first hand when she volunteered to deploy overseas. That’s why she has been ostracized from day one by the war machine on the left.


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