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They should’ve held the race in the One life one love motorcycle shirt opposite direction. Start at the finish line. World record-breaking for everyone! law rajae ken ma3on he would’ve been gone with the wind it was pretty windy when we were there too – but we didn’t have bikes!!! See you soon. somehow, this looks like me struggling against life. reminds me of the time I went blading with my very very attractive neighbour…it was blowing so hard we were rolling backwards.We all rode the 09 race and that was horrendous. Yesterday was worse! Very glad to be nowhere near it. reminds me of that day we went out on the prom and for about 7 miles hated every pedal turn… Then we turned around and came back home in about 5 mins.

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I’m not sure it’s wind… I think the One life one love motorcycle shirt bikes are in revolt. You know like how horses will sometimes refuse to go anywhere and just stand stock still no matter how much they’re tugged and even throw off their rider before they set off and you know how sometimes dogs refuse to move when being walked with a lead as they’ve found a really interesting lamp post to sniff or just want to have a crap right where they are in front of everybody well maybe bikes don’t want to have that sweaty lycra forced onto them anymore and this is their way of showing dissent.

I kind of sympathise with them. At this point, I’d be mostly focused on holding onto this small investment (the bicycle). Any road bike costs a pretty couple of pennies. Some of the cyclists apparently hung around the start line but were told by security to get on your bike and go home…


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