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Almighty God, may you please protect all the Oregon state beavers simple team shirt people in Oregon and saved their homes. So very sad. Pray the fires to get under control soon. Pray for all lives lost. It’s unprecedented. The perfect storm got set up by the jet stream bringing in cold weather up and over and into the rocky mountains, setting up a situation to bring very strong east winds to most of the PNW that caused damaged and whipped up the fires already started by a lot of lightning strikes. Hot weather, huge winds, forest fires equal one big fat disaster on many fronts. My beautiful Oregon so much forest and wildlife lost. Sad for the people losing their homes, sad for the people missing. My heart is sad, I pray for rain lots of it. Praise for the firefighters, putting their life’s on the line. My best friend (who is a cancer survivor) and her husband both suffered the tragic loss of their son’s, they’ve since had two babies…..and just when things were looking up for them…they lost their house in Oregon.

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She had enough time to Oregon state beavers simple team shirt get her son’s ashes, some pictures, and a change of clothes for the babies. These fires come quickly. A change in wind can mean sudden death. People cannot outrun or drive fast enough. It’s horrible. We live in Oregon and I’m pretty sure this was the straw that broke the camels back! So much at once this year!!!! The ash is a culmination of wood, wild animals, people who couldn’t make it out, and the hopes and dreams of people’s homes. Forest systems need regular fires as part of the natural cycle.

Human action has interrupted the natural cycle leading to a build-up of forest detritus which then leads to more intense fires. The fire was started originally in a park by a family setting off a firework for a gender reveal, which they are saying that the state might take them to court over, and either jail them or fine them millions, for the damage they have caused, but they have also arrested some people that since the fires have begun, have been setting fires, I don’t know what is wrong with people these days?!


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