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Biden but we need a landslide because Trump will try to steal the PA Chumps For Trump Shirt elections, he’s a dishonorable and dishonest excrementator, will play dirty whenever he can. But polls mean nothing. Hillary won but didn’t win. Remember, so vote blue. Don’t lose your time: Trump is going to be reelected. The result is known since now. The polls are worthless. What matters are the votes themselves and whether they are counted. Trump. The best option. Biden is a socialist puppet, 47 years of the typical political swamp, who doesn’t know who he is, where he is, . he cannot lead his own way out of his basement, much less a Country. Polls are basically the accumulation of data. The data in this case is opinions. Opinions are valid and everyone is entitled to their own. Azerbaijan is shelling a maternity hospital in Stepanakert, where human lives are born.

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What is this if not pure genocide? Wake up world enough is enough to stop the PA Chumps For Trump Shirt bloody aggressors! There being no common electoral roll in the US and major differences between the states in how the votes are collected, eligibility of votes, how people can get on each electoral roll, etc. . It is almost impossible to predict the result. I’m a hardcore Democrat in Louisiana and I voted for Joe but don’t trust the polls. Go freaking vote. Blows my mind that people would want to vote for someone who’s going to raise taxes across the board.

Do people, not like their own money, or do they just want other people’s money? I can’t vote demo this time. Too much criminal evidence, plus joe said, “ I’ll close charter schools.” Just last wk. Harris is a joke, can’t believe this is their best. I’m out for a demo this time. Trump has our vote!. If not we can only know what voters and none voters might think, we already know that Republicans are unpopular, what we don’t know is who is voting for that we have to wait for election week.


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