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I laughed at this article for the Party like it’s 1995 Buffalo shirt simple reason that this guy, who looks absolutely ridiculous and is absolutely ridiculous, is one of the serious faces of sedition. It’s like they just can’t help themselves when it comes to embarrassing the country. What will keep them from doing it again if all they get is a slap on the wrist. citizenship like every other American. I pledged allegiance to the United States, not the President or any Party. That is patriotism. The dude correctly understands that today, it’s a battle of visuals. Facebook needs a picture to make a story and generate clicks. These are initial charges just to hold these guys. I’ve been seeing where prosecutors do this just to be able to hold them. These guys are all going away. Pretty much goes to show that all of our assumptions about QAnon and incels are true. I am appalled by the charges that are being filed. These people committed insurrection. Why are we not seeing charges for this? These people should not receive light prison sentences. Trump authorized a 10-year sentence for anyone damaging government property back in June. Use his own executive order against his supporters.

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Someone will find a way to Party like it’s 1995 Buffalo shirt have him not do any serious time. Otherwise, Trump will pardon all of them. I think that is one of the reasons he is sticking around. And not to go all conspiracy-theory on this, but I think the Pentagon is part of this.

If your friends plan a bank robbery and you go, not to rob the bank but to watch, and a cop is killed, everyone is charged with murder, including the driver and anyone that knew of the plan. Anyone who entered the building needs to be charged with capital murder. Anyone who broke through a police line needs to be charged with capital murder. They tried to take down our democracy, they deserve punishment.


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