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Robert Neve And yet he still feels the need to Peace Imagine You dreamer shirt constantly throw out threats and promises of everyone suffering. Then again when he said “there would be no cake at the table. Only salt and vinegar.” I guess he didn’t know about the British love of such flavourings. Alan Stefan Wodzynski I wish we would back away. A vocal minority won the vote, of a larger minority of the public, with dishonest claims. Hard Brexit equals breaking the Peace Accord in Ireland. Harry Hobson All of a sudden the Europeans want us in at any cost. Shame they didn’t think if that when they were taking the piss out of us!  As the uber prat Farage says, “you’re not laughing now”!Georgina Coleman-Wood Cheap shot pal. Well, no more we are out. We did fine before we joined and we will again. This my dear man is why we are called, GREAT BRITAIN

Peace Imagine You dreamer shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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v-neck t-shirt
Peace Imagine You may say I'm a dreamer tank top
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Peace Imagine You may say I'm a dreamer ladies-tee
Peace Imagine You may say I'm a dreamer hoodie

Mohammed Samsul Siddiki How about that 48 % who wanted to Peace Imagine You dreamer shirt remain? Brexit may leave those 52% happy but going against the will of other 48%…. democracy always not fair and important decision like this should not be left with ordinary people let experts decide!! Brexit has pros n cons if it leaves Britain worse off then Britain rather stay within the EU. Thousands of jobs/businesses will be going with Brexit to EU, that would be the biggest loss for Britain.JJ Mclauchlin I voted remain but let’s get out. Europe wants to be shot of us. The full thing is making us a laughing stock now. I hope everyone who voted to leave who isn’t working and is able to get down to the jobcentre and takes the jobs that Brits are too lazy to take: gets frothing those coffees, making the hotel beds and picking the fruit.


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