Peace love care Parkinson’s disease awareness shirt



Pamela McGahon One of  Peace love care Parkinsons’ disease awareness shirt, my favorite comedians. Glad I eventually got to see him last time he toured as we thought it may be his last tour. Hopefully, he can enjoy spending time with his family. Craig Fraser An audience with Billy Connolly is the first full length stand up I remember watching as a kid, and to this day it’s still probably my favorite. His guest slots on Parkinson were TV gold, and his shows documenting him traveling around the world was fantastic as well.

Peace love care Parkinson’s disease awareness shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Peace love care Parkinsons disease awareness shirt
Peace love care Parkinsons disease awareness shirt
Peace love care Parkinsons disease awareness shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Jean Foster That is a Peace love care Parkinson’s’ disease awareness shirt great shame but he has been such a fantastic performer and I’m sure no one will begrudge him this time out. Relax Billy enjoy your life knowing how happy you have made so many, people. Mike Nicholson My heart goes to him and his family. Parkinson’s is a horrible disease. Jenny German November 1975, Parkinson. Remember watching an audience with Billy Connolly about 85 on it. I was about 15 years old I literally was in stitches. He has never been on my radar up until then.

I was an 80s kid into black adder the young ones. And Friday and Saturday night live. The comic strip presents. I loved him ever since then. Really funny intelligent bloke. Done really well for himself for a working-class lad. Still got the DVD of an audience with Billy Connolly now. Stick in on now and again to cheer me up. Good luck Big Yin hope you have many more years to come
Ali McGregor Such a shame for one of the all-time great comedians and entertainers. Heart goes out to him and his family and friends. Also to all those who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Thank you, Billy for all the laughs and great entertainment over the years xx Gillian Woodward Thankyou for all the laughter. Billy. You’ve cheered me up no end since my husband died. Love your travel programs to xx by BBC


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