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Okay, so I used to try to fit in with the Peace love VSCO glitter heart shirt community. At my town’s public school where my friends attend (I go to online school), everyone around my grade was rocking a certain vibe, wearing big t-shirts, and scrunchies and LOTS of bracelets. I thought well, I do dress differently, maybe I can put my t-shirts to use. After a while, I found out more about this newly found stereotype. I bought some items, such as dollar store scrunchies, crocs, more t-shirts. I even looked at a Hydroflask! But I thought, “Why to spend $50 on a metal water bottle that’ll dent in shipping?” Don’t get me wrong… I love my t-shirts. They’re so comfy. But after a while, I noticed that I didn’t like the look so much, as it seemed bland.

Peace love VSCO glitter heart shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

Peace love VSCO glitter heart hoodie
Peace love VSCO glitter heart ladies tee
Peace love VSCO glitter heart sweater
Peace love VSCO glitter heart v neck t shirt
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Best Peace love VSCO glitter heart shirt

Peace love VSCO glitter heart shirt, Honestly, after a while, I realized that fitting in with a stereotype isn’t for me. Now, of course, I still wear t-shirts and sometimes a scrunchie, but I guess trying to fit in with a stereotype just for recognition really isn’t my thing. Today, my Instagram account makes me look at myself in a way I could not even imagine. I can call myself a photographer/mobile photographer or whatever it is the world believes it is, and it is all because of VSCo. It gave me the right tools at the very beginning, and made me believe in the fact that I can actually do this. Firstly, Great product and Great timing. You can’t go wrong with that. Talking straight about the app, I think the filters and freedom to edit were far beyond what mobile photography had seen, and slowly you saw this sudden burst of pictures on Instagram which looked nothing like pictures taken from a mobile phone. People caught up with the hashtag and the rest is history. All this without letting the classiness fade away. It is easily the most used hashtag on Instagram today, and people don’t mind associating themselves with it. As they say, proud VSCo users.


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