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If he’s not made an example now, the Peanut Charlie Brown For President shirt U.S. will see an endless line of demagogues seeking the presidency. Interesting that the Democrats don’t like receiving the same treatment as they handed out to Trump 4 years ago. Remember Democrat’s assertion of Russian interference with his election, voter fraud, and misuse of social media. Impeachment takes months, and proving he’s mentally incompetent would take weeks.  Absolutely no way tRump wasn’t at the very least complicit in the organization of this attempted coup.  More like hired agitators and paid provocateurs. The Left is now trying to bully every conservative in this country into submission. They are making it socially acceptable to go after every person that has supported this President as if we should feel ashamed. Pence has already declined to act. They are intent on enabling this unhinged madman. Even after his criminal activity yesterday.  There are no easy solutions to a highly dangerous situation.   These are difficult enough times as it is without this.

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Don’t be fooled by the Peanut Charlie Brown For President shirt MAGA drag.  Not just Democrats. That was a section, and the 25th amendment needs to be invoked ASAP. The Senate failed in their duty to guard the Capitol building knowing thousands were marching. They have switched the blame on Trump for their incompetence. Trump never told them to storm the building.

Any Republican who doesn’t condemn this is the vilest sort of hypocrite if they have ever claimed to support law and order. if the United States saw what the United States is doing in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.


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