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This is Pelican Point Beach California vintage shirt what happens when you’re fine and still do unnecessary testing. If people continue to behave with stupidity like this, it won’t be long before everyone lives in a bunker. Antibiotics and prednisone and a change of atmosphere would get rid of it gradually. Open everything and let life run its own course. It’s a single cluster, not many. The rest of the world people are being stupid. no mask and don’t care anymore because they think the virus has gone… YES, we all want the country on the move and economy moving but we need to look out !!

Pelican Point Beach California vintage shirt Hoodie, V-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee, and tank-top

Pelican Point Beach California vintage Ladies-tee
Pelican Point Beach California vintage Tank-top
Pelican Point Beach California vintage V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Pelican Point Beach California vintage Hoodie
She expressed about the lockdowns earlier. & Now we are Pelican Point Beach California vintage shirt seeing lockdown is covered up. I think she has a well-minded conspiracy about everything. doing it this way or the other way, both hurt the economy massively. All the people commenting below saying she is amazing etc either don’t work or have little knowledge of how the world works. Few more months of this and we’re all screwed one way or the other. When the deaths start pouring in due to starvation in countries because of poverty etc you’ll be thinking differently. We need to take a leaf out of NZs book go hard and early on the clusters- keep people clearly informed – be kind and keep safe! Good on her. Have they thought that isolating each person doesn’t mean the virus will get bored and will just take a boat to Australia….the virus is still there and will remain there like all the viruses known to us…can’t lockdown everybody whenever a cluster appears…It has spread to the south of Auckland now. Very worrying. It is important that the NZ medics pin down the source.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.