Philadelphia City It’s in my DNA shirt



Felsham Harris, I like it, get them in Philadelphia City It’s in my DNA shirt leotards, ballet shoes and a little tutu around their wastes, you’ll be set for perfect parent humiliation for all the right reasons. Good on you “Dad‘s” for being true support to your daughters. Jeannie Blansett, It’s just beautiful to watch Dad’s get involved in this way. Something that seemed to be so taboo before….”not manly” or “not the father’s job”. It’s not supposed to be considered a “job”, but unadulterated love and support of your child. Lovely to see and SO very attractive.

Philadelphia City It’s in my DNA shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Philadelphia City It's in my DNA shirt
Philadelphia City It's in my DNA shirt
Philadelphia City It's in my DNA shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Omg, that is beautiful to watch, the dad’s and daughters bonding and having fun is amazing. Well done to the dads for being brave enough to take up ballet with their girls.Well to HELL stereotypes! This is great, whether they are wearing jeans or not, the weather is 2secondes or 5minutes, at least they get to spend time with their child around their passion, it is small effort like this that stay in your child’s memory forever. I’ll rather see this that seeing those who let their kids in front of the tv most of the time. Kudos to them dads BBC

“The world has a responsibility now to act. Britain, as the Philadelphia City It’s in my DNA shirt former colonial power and signatory to the Sino-British Joint Declaration has a moral and legal obligation to lead. Britain should establish an international contact group of like-minded nations to coordinate efforts. It should impose targeted financial sanctions under the Magnitsky Act against those responsible for torture.
Britain should work with other countries to offer sanctuary for those who need to flee Hong Kong. Doing ballet moves in jeans takes a lot of skill.


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