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We need a Phoenix basketball Point Gawd shirt giant trench, with alligators and hippos. Or a sensor wire with stun dart drones that launch when the line is crossed. And lions and tigers and bears, with laser attachments, to scare them back over there, right there. We should invade Mexico and take the land for ourselves, like our ancestors, did here, yeah that’s it!!! Well, then tough guy grab a welding torch and get down there and build that wall we were promised, paid for by Mexico! don’t stop at the Mexico border, just keep building that wall all the way around the state (and hae Texans pay for it).

Then we can hang an “Insane Asylum” sign on the outside of it. It might even keep ted Cruz and Louie “can the forestry service change the orbit of the sun around the earth to fix global warming” Gohmert into everyone’s relief’s afraid of losing in 2022. He’s trying to keep the support of Trump supporters.

Phoenix basketball Point Gawd shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Phoenix basketball Point Gawd hoodie
Phoenix basketball Point Gawd shirtPhoenix basketball Point Gawd ladies-tee
Phoenix basketball Point Gawd shirtPhoenix basketball Point Gawd sweater
Phoenix basketball Point Gawd shirtPhoenix basketball Point Gawd v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Best Phoenix basketball Point Gawd shirt

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