Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt



Kevin Johnson, This is  Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt so crazy… Breed discrimination is just as ignorant as racial discrimination… They are a product of their environment. If they are surrounded by criminals and starved and forced to fight etc, they are going to naturally be more aggressive. That is in their nature… I’ve never had such a docile, loving, well-trained dog. My pitty, Jack, was rescued at 3 months old and was brought up with love and compassion and attention. That’s what these dogs need. If you can’t give that to them, don’t get one; not just Pitbulls, ANY dog.

Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt
Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt
Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

I must admit I’ve seen one of these in action when angered and it was petrifying William Kelly If you like Pitbull you probably have the intelligence of a 13-year-old crack addict who ditches high school to be cool.
Donna Hess Sorry but the real music was the salute by the Eagles to Glenn Fry & Lady Gaga’s salute to David Bowie.  I believe that he can go to a higher standard and class, # pitbullAjeet Kumar In addition to talent Taylor Swift possesses humility, an admirable trait that is lacking in many celebs. She also values and respects her fans. Kudos for Taylor, a true role model for our youth.

Elizabeth Wright Montreal should be ashamed of themselves, instead of  Pitbull Best Dad Ever special version shirt hurting these animals, they should find the owners who could not care less about these poor creatures, it’s not the dogs that are mad its the people who have owned and abused them. Anna Marie, Then they can ban the next breed bad people train to fight, and then the next, and then the next instead of imprisoning the people training the dogs to be aggressive fighters. I have training four pit bulls over the last decade to be incredibly sweet, gentle, and loyal dogs.

They’ve never hurt my cats, rabbits, turtles, or children. The local trainer I worked with loved pit bulls because they’re easy to train. Bad people can easily train them to be bad, but even many rehabilitated fighting pits are good and loyal afterward. The Law-dogs group in California trains rehabilitated fighting pits to be search and rescue dogs. They search and rescue lost children, hikers, disoriented elderly, etc. They also outperform any other breed in search and rescue competitions in CA. BBC


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