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Truly an amazing gesture from a truly amazing athlete. Not only a champion in the Played like a champion again shirt boxing world but a champion to humanity, respect Mr. Mayweather. God Bless him, I have always thought of him as a gentleman and a classy individual. Tried this at Byron Bay, as a birthday present from my Wife, in tandem naturally, for my 65 birthday. It was a truly great experience! And, because it was my birthday my Pilot gave me double time! Those saying why didn’t he give to someone alive, he is. He’s giving to the family. In the end, to provide the cost of the funeral is a great gesture to the family of poor George Floyd. This is a harrowing time for them and I can only think that what Floyd Mayweather is trying to do for them might make this emotional situation a bit better. On the news I see thousands protesting against the mistreatment of George Floyd. Many people wish they could help his family. Floyd Mayweather wishes to help and his way is to remove any worry about funeral expenses. This is a kind gesture I believe. What happened to George Floyd is despicable and we should all unite and make sure he is remembered and respected appropriately.

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There are a minority of heinous individuals on this earth with unbridled prejudice but I believe as a majority we must continue to Played like a champion again shirt love one another and live with love, compassion, and tolerance, It should ben from these 4 worthless policemen that should be paying for it. The authority should take all the money in their bank account and give it to the George Floyd family. Great gesture from a great athlete and champion.

Humans are always well known for being supportive and compassionate during distressful times. The horrific death of George Floyd has raised awareness and will continue to do so. Mayweather, you’re amazing! Ah so sad that this has to happen but I only hope that all those American cops pay the cost of taking a life it’s unimaginable how any human being could do this to bless you, Mr. Mayweather, for your karma.


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