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I remembered the video at the Please Call Gabe Saporta shirt that starts being posted a few years ago, absolutely insane. Looks so magical, I’d like to think I could do hand gliding one day I thought he was going to say “There is no form of flying that takes you…closer to death!”Trials and tribulations of a hand gliding and the extraordinary champion of the sport.  Hang gliding, OK … Having the courage to run down that ramp though…I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane once, not sure I will ever do it again. Thanks for sharing such an informative video. Yes, Corona giving a tough time to everyone, related to any job. Apparently no relation between the corona and this job. But it affected. And they landed on a narrow strip of beach at the foot of a cliff about 12′ wide. I first saw that first clip in the beginning of the video 2 years ago. It instantly made me want to pursue hang gliding. However there is no hang gliding near where I live, so I’ve taken up paragliding instead and I love it .

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We pay your Licence Fee in Sterling, not Dollars, so please Aunty Beeb, use British English, and Please Call Gabe Saporta shirt please extend your UK geographic knowledge more North than Watford Gap ! Doesn’t he think Corona Virus can get up that high? Wouldn’t put it past that little sucker Hope it’s not watching?

Daron will love that when he is well enough his swampy has been seriously bad after doing up houses forgive me for being angry he wasn’t supposed to do any builders work darn women use blokes then when they are ill like he was I had to get an ambulance to him he couldn’t breathe after sanding with his lungs. Sorry I babble.


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