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Please kill me 2020 shirt


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Cannot believe there is even a choice. Please kill me 2020 shirt Trump is incompetent, ignorant, dishonest, pathologic liar, has no moral values, self-absorbed bigot. He sees the Presidency as a means for enriching himself and staying out of prison. He must be voted out by a decisive margin that leaves to doubt about the moral values, the integrity and the compassionate nature of the vast majority of Americans.2016 demonstrates that these polls are absolutely meaningless and actually harmful. They allow lazy potential voters to have an excuse and help with voter intimidation efforts. Get your ballots in and make sure they are counted. This election is for the soul and progress of democracy or authoritarianism and exclusion. What a choice! Can’t believe it’s come down to these two with all the millions of educated, informed, and worthy, Americans to choose from.

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As a result of this, national polls at this point are pointless. Please kill me 2020 shirt National polls are only good for deciding who the candidate for each party will be, after that point you have to look at each state by state, to figure out where the president and his contenders stand. I feel bad for those that voted early for Biden. The NY Post article is real and it won’t go away. Who pays a drug addict millions of dollars unless they are getting special treatment from their connected father. The US is not a democracy and no longer has any right to call itself one.

The decision about who gets appointed is in the hands of just 538 people and they have no obligation to vote the same way as the people in their community. The two people up for election have bought their way into that position, neither of them is fit to do the job, just like neither of the candidates was four years ago. We might think the UK Govt isn’t perfect at the moment, but I hope I never see it deteriorate to the sort of farce they call government in the US.


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