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Once upon a time, Post Malone Kat Hasty 2020 shirt there was an almighty fuss about football players not wearing poppies because they shouldn’t make political statements.‘Sportspeople shouldn’t talk politics’ in the week it took a footballer to force the government to give impoverished children free school meals over the summer. Good effort Sheffield United and Villa. Sky missed the trigger warning though, queue the people who will start going on about how Poppies weren’t allowed…Total lack of respect shown to all the people we have lost & mourned, & people who have kept the country going…I certainly won’t be taking the knee to blm…who have drawn a huge divide…all lives matter…I love watching utd play but defo won’t watch a single ball kicked….I’ve had a good look at this thread and basically trying to take an objective view on it I come to this conclusion. What an absolute mess we are in as a nation and a world. All the last few weeks has achieved is an even bigger gulf in a society that will take years to repair. Looking forward to all these footballers who have suddenly developed the need to support this boycott of the Qatar World Cup due to the modern-day slavery used to build the stadiums and most of the country’s infrastructure.

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They are only doing it to Post Malone Kat Hasty 2020 shirt be politically correct so they don’t get slagged off tomorrow for not doing it! Y can’t people think for themselves and have their own opinions these days?? You don’t have to agree with everything you see in the media . Some individuals have still missed the point… If you haven’t understood it by now you never will…

Just to say “what has been happening is not a one-off, it’s a continuous ordeal on a daily occurrence for hundreds of years’ and it’s continuing in the 21st century…I think the VAR team were still on their knees when the goalkeeper was juggling behind his post! What the hell were the ref and linesman thinking never mind VAR!


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