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This is the Praise Bingus shirt only thing that restores my faith in humanity – those who rush in and show immense bravery, in the face of unparalleled danger, to give help to others. Well done to these men.  The two guys jeopardized their lives to rescue the other people. So Europe should not behave prejudicially and be aware that Turkish people could have never been and will not be a terrorist. Turk only defenses the justice. We’re proud of you guys these three young men behaved like good compassionate human beings, not thinking about themselves, but only to help others. Regardless of faith or nonfaith.”Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told local media that the officer was taken to safety by Austrians with a migrant background.” Exactly. Well done, gentlemen. Truly heroic! Your adopted home-land should be very, very proud of you, and grateful to have you as one of their own. Is this at the city municipality with Attaturks? picture in the background? Made up the story. They incited the violence and they’re trying to look good. They are fantastic at lying, misinformation, altering the truth. Wonderful people stepped in to help their fellow human beings in trouble.

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Thank you for your bravery. My heart is sad for the Praise Bingus shirt people murdered and for the survivors and all the people under stress during this time. Good people are good people- That is is it – these guys are hero’s and we all need to just recognize whoever they are, whatever their beliefs- they are good people

And good people will always be visible no matter what atrocities happen-lots of love to you all . Great! This is what matters.. to help when help is needed. 2 true! Not many would have the courage to risk your own life without hesitation! It is not important where you from etc., it is how you are.


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