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Aaron Sipf A world of Chanel shut the fuck up lips shirt anorexia, superficiality, and consumerism. They could have used a better photo. She’s so beautiful this photo does her no justice. Mike Challinor She’s paid to look like that Reg. Not saying its right but she also has to do as she is told. Every photo of Twiggy working showed a sour-faced stick insect, but as soon as she quit we see the real person with a great smile…Sam Crumpacker This article is describing something she did and all these comments are just about her looks. She thinks what she did is funny but it is not. Imagine all the effort and all the walk practice to put in the show. Then some idiot claims as comedians jump in during the show. Cheap publicity!

Chanel shut the fuck up lips shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

tank top
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Maximilian Kilworth The gate-crasher is utterly disrespectful to Chanel shut the fuck up lips shirt everyone who’s involved in the show. It’s hard work to put on such beautiful shows and the fact someone ruined it shows their lack of culture and understanding for art. Sarah Ryan Sad to see so many derogatory comments about a beautiful woman. Also not getting why this event was newsworthy so someone pranked a fashion show. Who cares given the state of things across the world at the moment. Aparna Jaishankar What’s conventional good looks got to do with being a supermodel. Its more to do with being extra tall with miles of legs, an anorexic grim look, a flat chest, and sheer luck !!A lot of discipline and ability to exist in near-starvation diets too!



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