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Think it’s ridiculous moving them don’t think to Pretty Cody Bellinger Game 7 Gone shirt swear words from the birds would hurt any one laughable if anything. These days swearing is becoming a part of the English language! So why not leave him be . Just put a warning up before people go in! Not everyone is offended by every little thing. Love this story, and can relate. We had an African Grey years ago who didn’t swear but had an amazing vocabulary and liked to join in on our phone conversations. Parrots are imitators. If you sweat in front of a parrot, it will pick it up, especially if you laugh at it. Parrots have the intelligence of a two-year-old child. Think about it. Oh put them back. They love people and the reaction they get. Just put up a sign warning any Peter and Polly Prissy-Pants. Just put up a warning, as some movies have, the swearing-sensitive can then go another way.

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Keep the Pretty Cody Bellinger Game 7 Gone shirt bird where it’s used to. My friend as a kid in the US had an African Grey that his family mistakenly kept by the phone answering machine. Hilarity ensued.they should’ve kept them where they were…it would’ve been pretty entertaining …and goodness we all need a bit of a laugh and humor at this time! Birds are great at mimicking. In fact, they even practice their repertoire.

So I feel they should stay with a placard saying these birds may sometimes use profanity. I love swearing parrots, they’re the best pet ever, my mum would never let us get a bird because she’s superstitious but my dad could have taught it some amazing things. Why are they spoiling people’s enjoyment even with this let’s have the swearing parrots please need something to cheer us up at mo.


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