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Good grief! What does this virtue signaling actually do? Property of Buffalo Bills football shirt Ridiculous pandering. I would be impressed if they actually did something that makes a difference like contribute to college funds, mentor, host community think tank sessions to create unity and clear misconceptions. Taking a knee is just absurd and actually does nothing! I think it’s enough. Too much now. Just forget and find a cure for coronavirus instead of protesting and rallies. We all are sad. But please enough for now. How many more Americanisms are we going to adopt into the British culture??? Yes, we have racism here as well, but surely we can find other ways of addressing the matter rather than follow the examples of America. They should focus more on the NHS, our policeman, and our armed forces not American problems, nothing at all to do with us what happens there, just jumping on the BBC bandwagon. As soon as they knelt to support BLM TV went to another channel. Football is no place for politics and by kneeling they are alienating a lot of football supporters. Maybe they should take a pay cut not the knee and donate it to all the NHS staff for continuing to work while they all sat at home wondering how to maintain public awareness of what is a meaningless activity they can earn a fortune from. All lives matter.

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That’s my opinion. Property of Buffalo Bills football shirt Any race, religion, physical features, or even difference in beliefs for that matter experience discriminations. It’s okay to express your opinion but not to the detriment of others. What about all the poor families who have had to suffer from the loss of a loved one to this terrible virus, a tribute to them would have been more appropriate.

What is it about ‘taking the knee’. It’s stupid! I bet half of those players didn’t want to either! I bet they were TOLD to! How about a minute’s applause for all NHS front line workers, how about a minute’s silence in respect of those who have died because of covid 19! BLM is political, the others I mention arent.


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