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Clearly, plenty of people on this thread haven’t evolved. Purity is power shirt It’s literally gross what he did- not ok- not a compliment and good for her. He’s a grown man FFS, not a child that can’t control himself! You don’t go around slapping people just because so why to do it. The comments and reactions show exactly why this whole issue needs to keep being so prominent in the media. Too many people still think it’s funny to touch other people without consent. Many years ago in a nightclub, I was at the bar and someone behind me fondled my bottom. My automatic reaction was to turn round and slap his face. He was so shocked but I said I would do it again. She wasn’t in a position to do this. I hope my reaction and hers will stop at least 2 men from doing this again. The comment about power, well she didn’t have the power to decide who touches her because he decided for himself. He did it without her permission. No matter how minor it may seem to one person, you don’t know what experience another has been through. Just get the one simple concept through your head…don’t touch people without their permission! The world is going insane! Where do you even get the courage to slap someone on the behind without their consent?!

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Even I would be offended if anyone did that to Purity is power shirt me. What he did was not acceptable. A fine, counseling, community service. Yeah, the proper response was to grab him by the wrist of the offending hand and twist hard. Step forward and assert your right to not be accosted. Works every time, and they definitely think twice about doing it again.

Violence against women is so prevalent in society and it begins right here, with the sense of entitlement this man felt to access this woman’s body. Her right to bodily autonomy supersedes any desires or intentions of his, and touching her in this way is as much a violation as striking her. The well researched mental and emotional damage of this type of behavior is so significant and should not ever be dismissed. Good for her for standing up in a society that supports and teaches this behavior.

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