Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt



Jaime Marie Miele, e has the right to Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt protest but it’s pretty disrespectful to degrade the cops that protect the field he plays on. I would have a hard time working at a facility that made false accusations against me. Mu-Shaka Benson The irony. The whole point of his protest is against police brutality. Specifically against black people. It’s his right to protest. But I guess the whole 1st Amendment thing only applies to people that racists choose. Nia Roberts The worst thing about this whole situation is the level of anger towards some guy not standing for some song. Maybe you should all be angrier about the people who have been murdered by the police. Murdered!! Had their lives taken away!!! Have some perspective. Mary Behan, think what Kaepernick is so so right to protest freedom of speech. But if the Nfl don’t like him protesting they could suspend him I know stupid but could happen BBC

Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt
Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt
Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Jeff Medeiros Wrong…this guy is Rapinoe Kaepernick 2020 shirt an absolute jerk…wearing PIG socks & hat as an effigy being anti-police … let Colin walk to and from his car without police presence and see how much his brethren love him!.and justice should be served (of course ) BUT 519 others have been killed and there is no outrage or anyone going crazy…and that makes no sense! They do this stadium work in addition to their primary employment by the city the stadium is located in. It’s secondary employment, it’s elective, and by no means mandatory, except that it’s customary and for most police families a significant source of income. Bill Estes If Colin Kaepernick has the Right to Protest, which he does, don’t the Police have the same Right. Their presence at the 49ers Home Games has always been voluntary, and not a part of their Job.


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