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Suriyaarachchige Jemica Perera I love time alone. It allows me to rest and reflect. Sometimes I just wander into space and Reading is T-rexcellent shirt such a great feeling. Sigh. anyhow the only person who could truly understand you is you. I find the loneliness when being alone more bearable than that when being around people. Sometimes it’s addictive. Daniel J Prior Amen to that Reading is T-rexcellent shirt. My perfect Holiday is a villa in the middle of nowhere. Then only go out when I want to shop, Reading is T-rexcellent shirt, etc. The rest of the time just chill, read, swim and drink in total peace! Pure Bliss. Class Sohawon Sometimes it is good to enjoy our own company, no stress or worries, just tranquility, and peace is a great blessing. Better be alone than in bad company.

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Yogesh Shinde Its not bad staying alone. it’s not bad staying in group either. we all need balance in both. sometimes to know others. sometime it is needed to know “self”. Hazel Matthews, It is nice to be alone and to only have to think of Reading is T-rexcellent shirt for a while. However, it is nice when one knows Reading is T-rexcellent shirt is coming home. Not as nice I feel, when one knows no one is coming home. Becky Priestley, I’ve always been happy with my own company. I don’t feel like I need other people around me. I don’t really like noisy crowded places. Hina Wasim-Shah We need to be at peace in order to rest, being alone may not necessarily be restful if one is not at peace – with oneself, first and foremost.


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